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DUWL 5 LITRE container - 10 weeks worth

DUWL 5 LITRE container - 10 weeks worth

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CONTINU Disinfectant for Dental Unit Water Lines is CE marked for use with medical devices, the solution is a weekly treatment which is highly effective at removing biofilm, being independently proven to achieve 99.999% reduction in legionella to EN test standard 13623. The Continu product is applied in a 50:50 dilution so on a chair with a 1 litre bottle, the 5 litre container lasts for 10 weeks to deliver a very cost effective solution.

Being water based, Continu is also very gentle and non-corrosive so it does not cause damage to the bottles and pipes. Yellow product label helps practices adhere to the national colour coding scheme for cleaning materials.

HTM 01-05 requires that “disinfection of DUWL’s should be carried out periodically”

Sold as a single 5L bottle.