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CONTINU Dental Instrument Cleaner 5L

CONTINU Dental Instrument Cleaner 5L

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Continu Dental Instrument Cleaner is a concentrated solution that should be diluted to 5%. It is ideal for pre-cleaning instruments as it is so gentle that it will not damage equipment but the surfactant is sufficiently powerful to remove debris.

HTM 01-05 states, “Alcohol has been shown to bind blood and protein to stainless steel. The use of alcohol with dental instruments should therefore be avoided.” The Continu Instrument cleaner has been shown in tests against leading alcohol based alternatives to eliminate protein from surfaces.

HTM 01-05 states that “effective cleaning of dental instruments before sterilisation is of the utmost importance to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents.”

Our CONTINU Dental Instrument Cleaner has a yellow product label that helps practices adhere to the national colour coding scheme for cleaning materials. A single 5L bottle of instrument cleaner produces 100 litres once diluted.

Product is supplied as a single 5L bottle.