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Impression spray 5 litre single

Impression spray 5 litre single

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Continu Dental Impression Disinfectant is safe to use on all types of impressions from alginate to silicon without causing any shrinkage or distortion. Our CONTINU Dental Impression Disinfectant is specifically intended for disinfecting dental impressions once they have been rinsed and prior to sending to the lab.

In independent laboratory tests this product has been shown to inhibit fungal growth for up to 15 days and may be used either as a spray for instant disinfection or a bath for longer term results.

Our CONTINU Dental Impression Disinfectant has a yellow product label that helps practices adhere to the national colour coding scheme for cleaning materials. As HTML 01-05 requires that a label should be affixed to the package if impressions are sent out of the practice, the 5L bottle is supplied with 100 adhesive stickers to respectively conform.

Sold as a single 5L bottle.